Siri Thinks She’s Funny

For days now I have been trying to decide what I was going to write about, cause I feel like I took too long of a break due to the holiday, surgery and loneliness/depression.


Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was trying to turn the light off…but I accidentally pulled the wrong piece of yarn attached to my ceiling fan chains.

 I mumbled “holy s***” (I have a potty mouth; been trying to work on that for a while now…clearly it is not going well.)

I hate living in an apartment. the freezer in my place does this very loud low-pitch humming sound at basically all times, except for when other people are over, you know…that way it can make me sound like a lying, crazy person. It is literally about to drive me insane and yes, I’ve mentioned it to the front office plenty of times. To which they say “It’s probably just the ice maker.” Then they move on with their lives. Cause they aren’t in here all day, every day the way I am, so they could care less I’m sure. Pisses me off, I am about to just buy my own fridge to replace it. I can’t take this anymore.


Anyway, since it is so loud I wear my Bose noise canceling headphones basically nonstop, lately, cause the humming seems to be getting worse; they have a mic on them, my phone is set up to respond to “Hey Siri” Apparently somehow she thought I summoned her when I said “holy shit” when she said “Sorry, I didn’t get that.” I must have mumbled Son of a B****, considering what she said next…cause I can see how that happened. It rhymes pretty well.


She said “celibate? I don’t understand” I wish I would have taken a screenshot for you guys.

I know I’ve been alone for a while, but dang Siri why do you have to act like that? Like my own depression and anxiety don’t already rub my accidental celibacy in my face ALL. THE. TIME. I don’t need you to point it out too. Trust me…I definitely already know how alone I am. Thanks though. B****! 😜



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