Dating Clint Wright from Real World: Atlanta?

Here is the story about the time when I almost dated Clint Wright from Real World: Atlanta.

I’ve been recovering from surgery, and celebrating Thanksgiving early with my family. Things are finally getting back to normal, so I figured it was time to get back to the blog.


A few days before surgery, I met a guy on POF named Chris. Things were going great at first, really cute guy… (See picture above this post.)

A few days in things started to get weird, he told me he was in Dubai for Military business, and needed $300 to get back home to the states to be with me…Umm, nope!!! That screams scam. First off: The Military DOESN’T charge fees for leave paperwork. Man, quit lying to me, I’m not stupid, I see through your nonsense!


I played along for a while to see if I could make him break character.

He had been sending me little videos of “him” singing. In one video “Chris” was wearing a construction hat, I zoomed in on the video and notice the name on it said Clint Wright.

I Googled “Clint Wright”, and sure enough, all the photos and videos I had been sent by “Chris” where right there. Clint Wright was a cast member on The Real World: Atlanta this year, he likes to sing and is a farmer in Potterville, Michigan.


Video is from the real Clint’s Instagram. Which you can find here

Once discovering all of this I called the guy I had been talking to out. He claimed Clint Wright is just his stage name. Of course it is…NOT!!! I then told him that since he was a cast member on The Real World: Alanta he should have more than enough of his own money to get home from Dubai.

I wish I would have saved the conversation thread to show everything to you guys, but I totally wasn’t thinking about the blog and deleted the chat before I started writing this blog post. Sometimes I’m dumb. (…still not dumb enough to send money to Dubai though, so I’ve got that going for me.)


Too bad though, cause even though I’m not really a Country fan; this Clint Wright dude is really cute, and seems pretty awesome, not even gonna lie, if the real Clint Wright ever wanted to date me, I would totally be all about it!


PS: I even tried video chatting with him just to see what would happen…he answered and played tiny clips from this guy’s parts of the episodes of The Real World, and then hung up real quick. It was clearly someone pointing their phone at a TV screen while they let old clips of Clint play…I can’t believe they thought I would fall for that mess.

I think I’m gonna need to stay off of dating sites for a while!



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29 thoughts on “Dating Clint Wright from Real World: Atlanta?

  1. Hey all I’ve just had the same thing via POF, someone pretending to be Clint Wright, he called himself Chris Mason. I called him out, he still says he’s him lol joker. I have screenshots of convos if needed. He sent me videos and photos too, said he was in the USA army and was from Scotland.

  2. Hey girls, Jason Miller ( Chris/Clint) found me on FB dating site and I am currently speaking/playing with him on FB messenger. He added me to his facebook and sent me good morning nudes this morning haha. I knew he was fake 5 minutes into him adding me to Facebook. Today I was determined to find out who he really is so as I am chatting with him, generic, giving no info, I have been reverse searching his photos to find he is Clint Wright (or claims to be anyway) and I found this site. This boy really gets around!! Stay safe. I will play with him a little more and try to get more info I can use and then I will block him.

  3. I’ve been talking to the same guy. I did the reverse google picture’s and found out. I also called him on it today. He said he needed my bank account info to put his military benefits in their so he could come home. Yeah didn’t happen.

  4. I have my scammed by this Clint Wright as well. He tried calling me but I don’t answer and he has been asking for money for a new phone, Netflix card and money to help kids. I never fell for it. I just played a long for awhile. He asks me to be his gf and he doesn’t even know me

    1. I have been being scammed by the same Clint Wright as well…he is trying to threaten me and saying he is gonna have me thrown in prison…he hacked into all my stuff and got all my information and said he was gonna use it to send me to prison…he has even sent my daughter money and now he is demanding that I pay him back…already turned him in to the police…and blocked him in EVERYTHING!!!! PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL FOR HIM!!!!!!

        1. Yeah I really wish he would have, but he didn’t…I was told by my police chief to block anything I have him on so I did…and I almost forgot to block him from texting me and he sent me a couple not so nice messages…well he has no way to get ahold of me unless he uses someone else’s phone…I have been pretty scared but I have people here helping me get thru this with him…Lauren you are my savior…u have basically went thru what I did too but mine lasted longer than urs…

          1. Lauren, you r very welcome…I’m glad that there are people out there that I can talk too about this that has gone thru it too with him…please keep in touch!!!!

          2. Hey Lauren, it’s getting even worse now cuz he is trying to use mine and my daughters information to get loans and money from the government…I have turned every message over to my local police chief, I just hope that something can be done cuz this is getting crazy…I’m scared to leave work alone, cuz he told my daughter that he has people in Nebraska that can kill me cuz I didn’t pay him back…I’m trying my hardest not to let it bother me but it is so hard to not let it…I still have him blocked on everything so he hasn’t contacted me just my daughter…

          3. Hey Lauren, I haven’t heard from “Clint” since I have blocked him…it’s so good to not have that hassle now…my officers here think he is just blowing smoke up my butt about having someone after me…I have enough cops keeping an eye on me when I’m at work, and I always have someone up there when I leave work too just to be safe…I’m so glad that I have someone to talk too about this dumbass….thanks Lauren

          4. Do you happen to remember the number he was texting you from? Was it through the what’s app?

        1. Please don’t let her fall for his lies…she needs to get away NOW, before it gets too bad…read my comments and see what he has been doing to me…she really needs to be careful…

          1. I of coarse fell hard .. these scammers are from africa they are nigerians who dont care about anyone. I saved everything . I called scammers united on face book and gave them all the info . They asked me why i still tslked to him when i knew he was a scammer. I told them i wanted proof because the real clint isnt giving them permission. I told her to help me find a way to get these people un trouble. She then flipped the switch saying i was to blame because i should of blocked instead of texting and saving data. She then called me a racist. That i was scamming them. She used all my post to put onto Facebook and said they wont get into trouble. Your president dosent care about you .so i dont trust noone. But i did find a guy on tiktok talking for weeks , was meeting today , but no call no text nothing. I learned my lesson over and over!! I cant stop crying.

  5. So I’ve got ya beat someone pretending to b Clint keeps sending me nude photos of Clint. He seems to b working with a lot now if he knows how to use it game in lol.

      1. I’ve got a friend that believes she’s dating the real Clint Wright and she helping the poor guy build a house?

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