Coffee Ghost gets Constipated

This morning I woke up to find a big bottle of Benefiber sitting between the Vitamix and the coffee maker.

I keep that bottle on a shelf in the kitchen, and haven’t even used it in years; so it definitely wasn’t left out by me… and I have a pretty strong hunch that my Dachshund Dookie didn’t have the ability to move it.


Which means it had to be Carla. Old people get constipated easily, so it makes sense…and obviously it was by the coffee maker so she could get her fix. I couldn’t remember her name until I asked my friend earlier today. So from now on we will drop the name Coffee Ghost and call her by her real name. Or maybe, Carla the Coffee Ghost. Kinda catchy; has a nice ring to it don’t you think?


I got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night last night, I smelled cigarette smoke in my apartment, this happens occasionally…comes and goes. I have never thought much of it in the past, but it occurred to me this morning as I was making my coffee, that the day I moved in this place and did the first walk through (or technically roll through) the laundry room had a very strong cigarette smoke smell.


Guess that is where Carla used to light up. Whenever I smell smoke now I will know she came over for a nice cup of Joe.

She must have needed a smoke and a cup of coffee laced with Benefiber early this morning.

I like to think of her as more of a Guardian Angel; it’s less creepy…but like we talked about before Carla the Coffee ghost just sounds catchier.


When I started Life as Lauren Mikael I never intended on this blog being ghost oriented, but I will just write about her whenever she comes to visit. The rest of the time it will be as the tagline implies: Disability, Dating and Dachshunds.



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