Coffee Ghost Strikes Again…

If we are friends on Facebook, you probably remember me posting this status. Make sure read it if you haven’t…that way the rest of this post makes sense.


Read it?


My coffee maker died a few days after this. I ordered a new one, it arrived today. Finally! I went way too long without coffee.


I got a BUNN this time, they brew fast and are the brand restaurants use, so that’s gotta say something about the quality. Tired of having coffee problems, so I figured I should go with the best this time.

I had just finished setting it up so I could brew a cup. As I was doing this, I heard the voice of a sweet sounding older lady behind me say “Ma’am?” as if she was about ask me something.


I panicked a little, turned around…nothing was there.

Dookie (my Dachshund) came running over to me looking spooked; otherwise I would just chalk this up to the fact I didn’t get much sleep last night.

If I am remembering correctly I was told the lady who lived here got sick around Thanksgiving, before dying at the hospital a while later.

Curious if that’s why she has been showing up lately…I moved in in February and haven’t noticed anything until I posted that Facebook status on October 20th.


Also, she needs to dial it back a little…I am not a ma’am yet! I’ll be 30 in February. I don’t feel like 30 is ma’am territory.

I am working on getting a house, so hopefully I won’t have to live in this apartment too much longer.

I promise you, I’m not crazy!


PS: After I finished writing this, I went to turn the TV on, and had to reset it, because it wouldn’t come on…it’s brand new, barely even two months old; it shouldn’t be malfunctioning yet. Maybe she had something to do with it…Loves coffee, hates TV? Hmm…maybe so.

Read more about the ghost here


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