If you know me, you are probably aware of how complicated it has been for me to find a lasting boyfriend. How complicated? Well, I’ll be 30 years old in February… and I’ve had one (Two, if 6th grade counts 😜) boyfriends. 

Even boyfriend from 6th grade has a boyfriend now. Borrowing a line from Seinfeld: Not that there’s anything wrong with that!


Moving on to Boyfriend 2: Unfortunately our relationship was pretty short lived, had a lot to do with the fact that his baby mama kept sticking her nose in our business. Fun times! Makes me not want to date men with kids anymore…just so I don’t have to worry about the mamas. Which kind of narrows it down to slim pickings when not only do they need to be (preferably) kid-free, but also be willing to be with a woman in a wheelchair.


Boyfriend 2 was a great guy. Met him through the oh- so lovely Plenty of Fish. We were basically perfect for each other, personality and interests wise. We got really close, really fast. He moved in with me…like I said things moved fast. Him moving in turned out to be great for both of us. He wanted out of a crowded house, and having spent most of my adult life living by myself in my apartment. I really wanted him to move in, I needed the company. Plus, it was nice having him around if I needed help with something. I’m very independent, and very rarely need or want help, but still it was nice to have the option…you know?


I really miss living with a partner honestly. As someone who likes to be alone, I also somehow hate being alone.

The bad part is, since my first real boyfriend lived with me pretty much immediately, that is what I’m used to now. That’s normal for me, and as far as I can tell that doesn’t seem to be normal at the beginning stages of a relationship for other people. So, now as I’m trying to find someone new it’s hard for me when they stay a few hours or so and then go home.


I guess I liked that he lived with me because I’ve been dealt a pretty rough hand so far when it comes to trying to date…most guys come over once and either apparently don’t like me enough to keep coming back, or they just don’t even bother showing up at all; or they take so long to come back in between visits that it’s hard to ever get the potential relationship to really go anywhere.

So since boyfriend 2 lived with me automatically, he had to stick around…seeing as we lived in the same place. He couldn’t just leave quite as easily as a visitor.


Anyway, that was all about a year and a half ago. He came back for an incredibly short amount of time this past summer. We talked on the phone for awhile one night, he said he shouldn’t have ever left. Continues on to tell me hasn’t dated anyone since me. We both agree that our relationship had actually been pretty perfect. That’s basically how we ended the phone call.

Fast forward: 3 days later, he updates his Facebook relationship status to dating some random girl. Confused…?

Yeah, me too.


So, you’re telling me you’ve been single for a year and a half now, and right after you get me all excited…having me think that we’re going to get back together, you jump into a relationship real quick with some random chick. How did this work, what did you do…wear a blind fold all that time we were broken up, just to rip it off the second we got off the phone, walk outside and make the first girl you saw your girlfriend; or what?

Anyways, whatever, that lasted about a week.


He then calls me up and wants to hang out. So…we do. He ghosts me after that. I don’t handle being ignored well, so I wasn’t going to accept that. One way or another, we end up on the phone and he claims he didn’t mean to come over; it was an accident. Hmm? What??? How did you come all the way to my place on accident? Oh well, whatever. Who knows.

 Anyway, I still really care about him. I believe once you love someone, you always will.


PS: Read about what has happened with us since I wrote the post above here


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