Beginning Again

I’ve been blogging for years now. I’ve had a blog since 2010 called Rockstars and Randomness. Where I would talk about Rock Shows happening where I live (Little Rock, Arkansas) and new music releases, or whatever I wanted to talk about; hence the Randomness. 

For the past few years the Little Rock music scene has been incredibly slow, since the closing of our most popular venue Juanita’s. Which left me feeling ever since like I don’t have much to say over on R&R anymore.


It has been brought to my attention many times recently that I need to get back to writing my blog. So I felt it would be best to just start fresh.

Life As Lauren Mikael is a blog that I intend to make a lot more personal than my music blog.

Where I can talk about the blessings (and the struggles) I encounter as a woman in a wheelchair.

 Ever since I was a little girl, writing has always been the best way for me to vent and truly work through my feelings. 


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