Nutella Red Tart Cherry Pretzel Roll Snack

Okay, so…I posted this on TikTok a day or two ago, but just incase you ain’t seen it yet, I’mma post it on the blog.


Nutella Red Tart Cherry Pretzel Roll Snack:

This is a fast, and easy iron rich snack. All you need are 3 simple ingredients; and a microwave.

Pretzillla pretzel dinner rolls (or whichever type you have hand.) You can find Pretzilla at Wal-Mart; they are my person favorite.

Jar of Nutella

Jar of Smucker’s Red Tart Cherry Jam


Microwave your pretzel rolls for 30 seconds. I microwave them two at a time. (Note: I have a 1000 – watt microwave, but heat to your desired temperature.)

I use around 2 tablespoons of each condiment. (A separate spoon for each jar.)

Spoon and/or spread the jam and Nutella on a plate, and then dip the warm pretzel(s) in each respectively.


Pretzel Roll… easy, iron packed snack. Featuring Nutella and Red Tart Cherry Smuckers Jam. #Nutella #Smuckers @Smuckers #foodie #pretzilla #pretzelroll

♬ original sound – Lauren Mikael

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Hope you enjoy this quick and healthy treat!


Cows: Made for Food NOT Milk

Hey, you guys! So, I have a few weeks until surgery. Need to gain a little bit more weight before I personally feel comfortable to go under the knife for Baclofen Pump removal. (Permanently this time.) Did you know I was the first person in Arkansas to ever have a Baclofen pump?

Things having an ED Taught Me:

Cows are for meat…not milk (stick to almond, soy and oat.)

Room temperature drinking water is crucial.

Use pepper to season food and not salt.

Drawing of cow standing in the grass by rain cloud

Spent the first part of the day in bed not feeling well; all because I drank a bottle of whole fat chocolate milk, not everyone in the house I am currently staying in is up to speed on the fact that my body does not need hormones in that type of way and that I need a milk alternative instead. (Although I have told them many times.)

That’s all I really have to say for today. Hope everything is going well for you (whoever you are.) Check out my Instagram by clicking on the logo at the end of this post for more Post-it note art.


You Can Follow Me on TikTok

Hey you guys, just wanted to pop in really quickly and tell you all about my new (and only) TikTok account. Go over there now and check it out by clicking on the music note thing below:


I already have a few of them. Some are about Dookie, some about my life in a wheelchair and some about the type of food I eat in a day. I plan on starting to add to TikTok and YouTube almost daily now, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Anyway, that’s about all I have to talk about for now. I hope you are all having a great night/morning.


Can’t Teach That: The Roads Below: Music Review

Okay, so I bet you already know about The Roads Below if aren’t new here. In case you are, they are a very good Country band with a little bit of Pop roots. They released a new single just last Friday! Entitled “Can’t Teach That.”


Phil Evans of The Roads Below

This song doesn’t really need much explanation. Lyrics are pretty straight forward and catchy. The song was written by Chase Coy and Phil Evans

I don’t think Phil could write a bad song if he tried, if he has, I haven’t found it yet. From School Boy Humor to Beneath the Sun; I have been listening for years.

Make sure to download and stream “Can’t Teach That” today. Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

You can find The Roads Below on Facebook here.

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Dookie is Crusoe the Dachshund and I Ain’t Okay with that (I Promise)

No, it isn’t Fangirl Friday. Even though the title of this post suggests a few bangers. Technically it should be a book review day for me (Tuesday Starts with Tea) but tonight we have a lot more to go over. As you may have read in my book, Dear Daddy; I was told Dookie was dead. Deep down I knew that was a lie. Mama’s intuition I guess you could call it. I know my baby anywhere.

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So, anyway…years have gone by now. In October a video popped up in my Instagram feed. My sweet little boy was wearing batman costume. If you have been reading this blog since the beginning you probably remember the tagline Dating, Disability and Dachshunds with a photo of my Dookie. (Named after Green Day of course) sitting at our dining table with a box of Marco’s Pizza. Which I had taken down for grieving purposes. Which ended up being umm…well a load of Dookie!

Watch the video(s) below:

I just want my little buddy back where he belongs…I love you Dookie. I know you feel the same. I heard you. You sure can be loud when you want to. See you soon Dookie!


New Instagram: postitnoteartistlmc

Hey you guys! Just wanted to pop in and tell you about my new Instagram account, where the name pretty much (hopefully) speaks for itself.) I mean basically…I draw art on Post-It Notes.

Did you guys know that you can buy black Post-It Notes? I found a 5 pack on Amazon.

I plan on blogging more frequently very soon. Hopefully back to a full time schedule. Life has been crazy lately (mostly in a good way…minus the whole accidental two week-ish stay in the Pysch ward.) In the process of moving into a new home as well.

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Chrissy Metz: Music Review

Remember the other day when I told you about the book This Is Me by Chrissy Metz? Well, on one of the days that I was reading it, Alexa got confused and thought I asked her to play music by Chrissy instead of the audiobook. I knew Chrissy sang sometimes on This Is Us, but I didn’t know she had her own music.


Girl Go

As “Girl Go” started playing, I immediately fell in love with it. I did some Googling to find more music from her. Most of Chrissy Metz’s songs are positive, uplifting and inspiring. “Go Girl” is about not giving up on your dreams, just because you have been told no and you haven’t seen the real thing come to fruition yet. Let’s just say it has pretty much been on repeat since the day I found out it existed.


Feel Good

“Feel Good” is about self care. Doing what you need to do for yourself and not worrying about others. Not looking in the past, and instead looking up and being present in the current moment. Sometimes that means not answering your phone. I love the vibe of this song, and just how catchy it is in general.

….and here is the acoustic version simply because y’all need it, it’s good!


Talking To God

If you’ve read my book, Dear Daddy then you know I am a big fan of talking to God. So, when I saw that Chrissy Metz had a song with that title I had to listen to it. It’s awesome! Obviously it is about, well…talking to God, and praying for old friends. I was watching the music video for the first time as I was getting ready to write this blog post. The video made me cry, it had such a great storyline. Chrissy looks beautiful too!

My only complaint is that I want a full album from her. I would also love to see her perform live.

Chrissy Metz is a phenomenal actress, author and very talented singer.

Thank you for checking out this week’s Fangirl Friday. What are some of your favorite artists or songs right now? Leave them in the comments, I’m always looking for new music.


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This is Me by: Chrissy Metz: Book Review

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz in a black and white self portrait on the cover of her book This Is Me

Ever since This Is Me by Chrissy Metz (Who stars as Kate Pearson on NBC’s This Is Us) was released in March of 2018. I knew I wanted to read it. If you’ve read my book Dear Daddy, you already know that I am a big fan of This Is Us, so I knew I would love this book. All of the actors/actresses on that show are so talented and make This Is Us feel like real-life, you actually get sucked in to their world and to be honest, I can’t watch an episode without crying.


Confidence and Gratitude

In the book This is Me, Chrissy Metz writes about her childhood, that at times was less than ideal. How she didn’t always have the best family life, and how all the stuff she went though back then helped her become who she is today. She is very open about her feelings on her size, which is awesome, I love how confident she is. Chrissy tells you about how people have criticized her for certain wardrobe choices, which is silly to me…what other people wear is none of our business.

Lunch with Oprah? Yeah, she’s done that, she even walks you through the whole experience. Which is cool, because Chrissy ended up manifesting that in her life years before it happened.

This is Me goes through the importance of being mindful and grateful. Always a plus in my book (literally, have you read Flip the Switch?) I’ll admit I sometimes still lose sight of being mindful and grateful. We all have slip ups. She teaches you a sort of “life hack” on how to quickly be grateful before even getting your day started.

She takes you on her journey of becoming an actress, and you can tell she is doing what she is truly called to do in life.

Chrissy writes about her pasts relationships and even helps you realize that you don’t always need a relationship to be happy.

I used Audible to “read” This Is Me. Chrissy narrates her book herself; makes me happy, because her personality definitely shines through.

I really enjoyed this book and liked her insight on life.

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Tuesday Starts with Tea

As for the tea portion of this review since this is a Tuesday Starts with Tea post. I ordered Chili’s from Uber Eats while “reading” This Is Me, and tried their Mango tea…which to put it nicely wasn’t my cup of tea. tasted fake and sort of chemically to me. So I opted for a cup of Tetley’s Classic blend, which can be found on Amazon here: or I’ve also found it at Wal-Mart.

You can get a copy of This Is Me by: Chrissy Metz here:


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Dear Daddy: My Newest Book is Available Now

 Light blue book cover with a black and white photo of a man's face. The book is Dear Daddy: Letters to My Daddy During His First Year in Heaven by Lauren Mikael

It’s been a long time in the making…my book, Dear Daddy: Letters to My Daddy During His First Year In Heaven is finally here. Dear Daddy is available now on Amazon. You can get it as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover.


Writing this book was most definitely a difficult journey, but it’s one that I’m glad I accomplished. I know my Daddy would be proud of me for finishing what I started. Dear Daddy is filled with tons of photos, stories that will make you laugh, some that will make you sad and maybe even cry.

Dear Daddy is a little under 300 pages, and is so far the longest book I have written. Most of my books have been around 40 pages or less, so this was certainly more challenging.

It also happens to be Tuesday which makes this my first Tuesday Starts with Tea post in a while.

Lately I have been drinking Harney and Sons Organic Green with Citrus and Ginkgo, either with my breakfast, or as a much needed break during my daily book writing sessions. You can find it on Amazon here: This is by far my favorite green tea. I love the citrus notes, which give this tea a little something extra, plus it has ginkgo in it too; which to be real with you, I don’t know much about, but I do know that it is supposed to be really good for your brain health, so that’s a great thing. Brains are pretty important after all.

*This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn compensation when you make a purchase from the links provided. At no additional cost to you.

Maybe you have lost a loved one recently…or even in the past, if so maybe this book will make you feel not so alone in your loss. Writing this book was my way of coping with losing him. It made it feel like I didn’t really have to say goodbye just yet in a way. It has been so helpful in fact that I may give this book a sequel, or turn Dear Daddy into a series, if possible. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out.

You can order your copy here: Go get yourself a copy. So excited to finally be able to share this book with all of you! ♥️📚🥺💔 FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

I hope you guys enjoy the book.


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